How to write an essay in no time: organizing your work

You will never be able to get around writing an essay at some point in time in your life. This holds true especially for college students. You will be assigned essays in class and for scholarship opportunities. Making the best of your time and organizing can help you write that essay in half the time.

Tips to cut back on time

  • Know your topic
  • Determine your essay style
  • Create an outline
  • Organize your outline with citations and references
  • Use your outline to draw up your rough draft

These tips seem simple enough but they can save time when tackling that essay. It is important to know your topic, this helps with gathering the correct information. Items that irrelevant, or do not have enough relevance to be tied into your topic, should be left out. Before you create an outline, remember the style of essay you are required to write. Knowing the style and voice of the required essay will help you organize your information in the outline properly. If you are not certain of how to write in the required style, take the time to study the vast amount of information available on the internet.

The Importance of an Outline

Once you are finished brainstorming, create an outline. You can find examples of outlines online to help you understand what will go where. Your thesis statement will be your first sentence followed by your facts and items of interest as supporting evidence. The outline process should take the longest; this will organize your thoughts and your work to make the actual writing process much easier. Inserting the references and citations will help keep track of where the information came from.

Putting the information from the outline into the essay will take no time if it is organized. You will only need to insert more supporting facts to turn those few sentences into well-written paragraphs. Editing the rough draft should not take long if you have taken the time to organize the information.

If this is your first essay, or your tenth, using these tips can help you quickly organize and write your essay. Keep in mind what your topic is and the required style when gathering information and creating an outline. Organization is the key to writing an essay in the half the time it would take if the information was scattered.


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