How Can I Make A Basic Essay Outline Without A Hitch

Here are some essential steps in doing an outstanding essay without a hitch:

  1. Choose and know the topic or subject matter you plan to write about in the essay.
  2. Ensure to do thorough research on the subject before you begin the writing process of the essay.
  3. Do preliminary research on the chosen topic to ensure that there is enough information on the topic.
  4. The student has to ensure that they have enough information gathered from the research, on the subject matter, to write the essay.
  5. Any information gathered from the research process has to come from reliable sources that are credible as well.
  6. Once have completed all the research on the topic selected, it is time to organize the notes in an outline.
  7. When organizing the research notes in the outline, the student must realize that all the notes will not be used in the essay.
  8. The outline of the research notes will help the student determine how to write the essay and the outline is a boilerplate for the essay.
  9. The outline of the notes will be used by the student as a guide to write an excellent essay.
  10. The outline gives the student the preliminary information needed to write the best essay ever.

Why it is advisable to do a preliminary outline of the selected subject matter or topic before begin the research process?

  1. A preliminary outline of the topic lets the student know whether or not to write on the chosen subject.
  2. The outline will let the student know if another topic needs to be chosen before start the research process.
  3. The preliminary outline lets the student know how they should approach the research and writing of the subject matter.
  4. The outline is a way for the student to let their teacher or professor know the topic, the main points of the essay, thesis statement of the essay, and the general overview of how the essay will be written.
  5. The preliminary outline helps the student prepare for the writing and research of the topic chosen.

How should a basic outline be formatted?

Introduction includes:

  1. Topic
  2. Thesis Statement; and
  3. Main Points of the topic

Body includes:

  1. The main points
  2. Each significant point will have their own paragraph and
  3. Sub-points to support the main points

Conclusion includes:

  1. Topic reiterated
  2. Main points rephrased and
  3. Good ending point

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