Step-By-Step Manual On How To Write A Descriptive Essay For A School Class

A descriptive essay is just that. It is one of the most detailed essays out. In this style, you must note everything; sights, aromas, textures that are felt and seen, and sounds from the faintest, to the loudest. Noting is left out. This is how to write one.

  1. Scene opening
  2. Sounds
  3. Aromas
  4. Sights
  5. What is felt

Scene opening

So for this, let’s start out with a day at the lake. When you come to a lake before you actually see it, you are going to hear sounds. Let the reader know what you hear as you are coming to the lake. They will still be there after you get there, so you have fewer sounds then to describe. Giver every sight, sound and aroma you can that you had coming to the lake. Start at just before you seen the lake, so it is all associated.


The sounds you will hear a range of noises. These need described. Everything from the sounds of bugs, to the calls of birds. Include if you hear any boats and or other people. Tell the reader what you hear. The type of bird call and how it sounds, how a beetle’s wings sound, every sound. The reader needs to feel they are hearing it with you.


All lakes have different smells. Even the moisture in the air has a different odor. Do not just say you can smell the humidity, you can smell that anywhere. How does it smell? Is it musty? Does it have a sour sent? How does it smell to you? What other scents do you smell? Let the reader know. Bring them into your experience.


Now go to sights. What do you see? Never say you see the lake. Describe the lake that you see. Can you see the whole lake? Or just a section of it? Is what you see elongated, or oval? Is the water choppy or smooth? Is the water blue, brown, green, or what colour? What animals do you see, and what are their shapes and colour? What plants do you see, and what are their shapes and colour?

What is felt

What about the textures? Did you touch a tree? How did it feel? If not how did it look like it would feel? Were there any patterns in the tree bark? Describe the textures of the rocks, benches and tables, as well as anything else you see or touch. Bring the reader into your experience.

This is what a descriptive essay is, bringing the reader into your experience.


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