Writing A Descriptive Essay On Your Favorite Food

Descriptive essays are a wonderful way of using your imagination in order to write about a particular topic. As a result, many students really enjoy writing a descriptive essay, often far more so than other forms academic paper, particularly as it allows you to develop your ideas in a way that is interesting and allows an insight into the way your mind works and how you perceive things.

Essentially, a descriptive essay will require you to describe a particular object, concept, or just about anything. Therefore, this form of academic paper can be used for a wide range of different subjects, and can, in some way, cover just about any topic that you can think of.

A good topic to use when writing a descriptive paper is to write about food. In fact, describing food can be done in many different ways, particularly as it involves using many of the different senses. For example, you can describe the appearance of food, you can describe the smell of food, you can describe the taste of food, you can describe the texture of food, and to some extent you can even describe the sound of food, such as the sizzling bacon as it cooks or the squeak of halloumi cheese as you chew it, for example.

Picking a food to write about

If you have been allowed to write your paper about any food that you want to write about, then , before you start writing, you will have to decide what topic you think would be best to write about. In fact, before you choose a topic, you have to identify exactly what it means when it says ‘your favorite food’. For example, it may be that it refers to an individual ingredient, it may be that it refers to a specific meal, it may be that it refers to a particular food group - such as fruit or vegetables or meat - or it may even be that it refers to a particular cuisine, such as Italian or Chinese.

Once you have decided what approach you will take, you then simply have to think about any food you like. Of course, it is good idea to think of foods that are quite varied and will enable you to write a good solid description, and want leave you feeling limited in terms of the amount that you can write.

As mentioned, you will have many different things that you can describe, so it is a good idea to think about your senses and how these relate to the various features of the food that you are describing.


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