The Business Of Organized Crime And The Methods Of Control

You probably know everything you know about organized crime for the movies The Departed and Goodfellas, which is a pretty good depiction of the organizations.  The reason they call it the business of organized crime is because organized crime is usually focused on a group of criminals that run a business and this business has most of it’s success from illegal dealing, like drug, gambling, counterfeiting, and so on.  Since they are making illegal money, they have to find a way to make it legit, which they do by laundering the money through their legit businesses.

 One of the most famous people that were in organized crime was Al Capone, his illegal activities including, gambling, prostitution, and bootlegging, which he laundered through various businesses, until he was arrested for Tax Evasion.  That is how most people in organized crime were caught is by not paying Uncle Sam.  This is just one of the ways that the justice system tries to control their dealings.  They also use the RICO Act to prosecute people in organized crime.  Under the RICO Act, it makes it illegal to be a part of an group that is involved in racketeering.

It takes years and sometimes even decades to arrest and prosecute people that are involved in organized crime.  That is why one of the most effective ways that the justice system uses to get these groups of people is with informant.  If they get someone on the inside for something, they can give them a deal to get off but in return they have to rat on the organization.  While effective, it can be dangerous to the person involved in this betrayal, which leads to them being put in witness protection for their own safety.

While organized crime might sound like something that would ensure that you are never broke and that you have a family around you to protect you, it is a dangerous world to be a part of.  They believe heavily on murder for people that betray them and it is probably even hard to gain their trust to be a part of it.  And in organized crime, you don’t get light sentences when you are convicted of these crimes.  Just look at Whitey Bulger, after almost twenty years on the run, the law caught up with him and now he is serving two life sentence.


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