Effects Of YouTube Use On Identity Formation In Emerging Adults

Studies have recently showed that while technological developments are good they do come with some ramifications. The effects of YouTube use on the formation of identity in young adults is one such ramification. Young adults are changing the way they view themselves based on the things they see on technological sites such as YouTube and the number of fans or followers they receive. Instead of valuing themselves for who they are they focus on what other people have think of them.

Human technology and innovation have had profound effects on our way of life. However, they have also had dramatic consequences for the environment. There are numerous examples of how human technological innovations have modified the physical environment. Technology has also been able to offer significant benefits to humans by allowing them to adapt to areas that are less hospitable than others. For instance, desalination allows humans to live in areas where there is little fresh water, while air conditioning allows you to remain comfortable within a home, office or store in an area where high temperatures might be problematic.

However, those technological advances and benefits have not come without a cost. Technology consumes and enormous number of natural resources, many of which are not renewable. This has an impact on the economy, as well as on the whole of society, if not now, then in the future. Agricultural advances have also come at a cost. While food is much more available than ever before, unsustainable growing practices threaten to wreak havoc.

In addition to having clearly identifiable effects on the physical environment, technology has also had an unmistakable effect on human interaction. The modern world has seen communications tools and media platforms explode in diversity and accessibility. For instance, the Internet allows people to shop for anything they might want from anywhere in the world.

Email allows almost instantaneous communication between people that might be half a world apart, and GPS technology has enabled greater ease of travel, as well as providing benefits for search and rescue operations and more. GIS, or geographic information systems, technology has merged the fields of cartography, database design and statistical analysis to make all types of new things possible.

Technology like new medical equipment and procedural advances have also had a profound effect on the world. Changing trade patterns have also impacted societies around the world, at all levels of development. For instance, China is emerging from a once-backward nation to become the world leader in terms of technology production – thanks to increased manufacturing and a lessening of government restriction in a few key areas.


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