Homeless Veterans

The number of veterans in the U.S. is huge. These people put their lives on the line to defend the country and every single one of its citizens. The sad fact is that instead of recognition they well deserve, the veterans often receive cruel treatment when they return to civilian lives. Losing homes and employment are the most serious problems thousands of war heroes face.

The veterans suffer these injustices because there is no appropriate long term help program that can assist them in adjusting to the life out of service. After dedicating a big part of their lives to training and working for the army, these people have difficulties with fitting back into the society. They lack the knowledge and skills that can help them succeed in civil life. The time spent on the army robs them of an opportunity to pursue a professional career, because it will take too long to study and climb the ladder from the very bottom. The skills they do possess are difficult to market, as the positions where they can be implemented are limited and often taken by older veterans. This situation leaves thousands of people out of jobs and with no means to support themselves. As they often do not have families that can help them at the initial stage of integrating back into the society, veterans often become broke and homeless. The physical and psychological trials they have to go through during their time in the army also affect people deeply, often leaving them crippled. When combined with the social issues the veterans face after being released from the service, it is not surprising that many of them turn to alcohol and other means to escape the harsh reality of life.

The programs for veterans do exist, but the people in question rarely take advantage of them because they do not know of these assistance plans. The system that should educate veterans on their rights and the benefits available to them is the core of the problem. It simply fails to meet the goal it has been created for. The only way to stop the growth of the number of homeless veterans is to improve the education system that will help them integrate back into the society. Those who have already suffered because of this must also be helped. There should be special programs put in place to find these veterans and help them overcome the difficulties they are currently facing by providing refuge, quality medical care and counseling.

There are some initiatives implemented by the government that aim to assist veterans in need, but the problem must be addressed by the society as a whole to achieve better results.


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