How Accurate Are Horoscopes?

Millions, if not billions, of people read horoscopes every day, and many of them believe the predictions they see in the morning paper. However, are these astrological speculations accurate? The only reasonable answer to this question is a resounding no.

First of all, stars do not move. Therefore, the very idea of predicting the future based on their movements is illogical. It is the Earth that moves, and the vast majority of changes one may notice in the night sky occur due to the shifting in our planet’s position. Astrology based on some arcane magic of “moving stars” might have made some sense during times when people did not actually know what stars were and how the objects move in cosmos. However, today, these claims lack common sense and scientific evidence.

What about all those times when horoscopes prove to be correct? There are indeed some cases where an astrological prediction comes true. Can these situations be used as an argument in support of horoscope credibility? No they cannot, because these occurrences are too infrequent. Considering the number of people living on the planet, and the rather generic nature of these predictions, it is no wonder how some find them to be accurate. Chance is a great power when dealing with numbers that go over millions.

One also needs to pay special attention to the horoscopes’ wording. More often than not, they are presented in such a vague way that they can have dozens of different interpretations. When you combine this loose form with a mind that wants to believe, you will see that in the majority of cases, people simply adjust their personal interpretations of the text to fit their current circumstances. The most dangerous consequence of this faith in astrological predictions is the fact that quite a few individuals take horoscopes as instructions. This means that on either conscious or subconscious levels, they take the steps that will bring about the “predicted” result.

Birth sign horoscopes, which are supposed to describe a person’s character based on the date of his or her birth, are a bit different from daily predictions. They may be correct more often, but there is no scientific evidence to prove that it is actually the position of the stars at the moment of birth that affects a person’s character. One should also remember that every person is supposedly unique. If so, how can people be generalized by horoscopes?

Regardless of what the astrologists of older times believed, there are no reasonable arguments that can prove that horoscopes are accurate. No scientific experiment can confirm this notion, so there is no point in seeing astrology as anything but a pseudo-science.


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