A list of interesting essay topics

Choosing the topic of an essay can be very tough. You never know which topic will get the most attention and appreciation.

Here are the top essay topics that will certainly get you a good grade if you have enough research with you and compose your paper in a good manner

Important events in history

  • The causes of World War I
  • What led to the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
  • What was the aim of Nazi’s in the World War II
  • Is genocide something we should support?
  • Was there any control for the lack death?
  • How has been the Civil War a success for the US?
  • What were the effects of earthquake in China?
  • How was the Soviet Union Defeated?
  • Why was Russia divided?


  • Where was the Noah headed?
  • How many prophets are claimed to be there in the Abrahamec religion?
  • Did Adam follow his temptation or was he destined to be on Earth?
  • Do fallen angels actually exist?
  • What led Buddha to leave his kingdom and son?
  • When will the Christ return and save the world?
  • Is there a possibility of another planet according to Bible?


  • Does your mom love you more?
  • When is it the time to marry your girl?
  • How people break up?
  • Should gay marriage be legal?
  • Why do people have a thing against gays and lesbians?
  • Does eternal love actually exist?
  • Is catering for a kid easy, what does it teach?

Health and fitness

  • Can apples help in quitting smoking?
  • What is the ideal diet for teens?
  • Why are Americans experiencing obesity?
  • Is Yoga a remedy for mind and body both?
  • Overweight people are prone to get more diseases as they age
  • Walking half an hour a day prevents many diseases
  • Is early to bed and early to rise really effective
  • Why is there an increasing trend for night shifts and late mornings?

Business and economics

  • Is war going to take the economy to recession?
  • What are the most successful mergers in the food industry?
  • Is Bill Gates a bigger success than Steve Jobs?

Women and child rights

  • Should domestic abuse be allowed in any culture?
  • Do only women suffer from domestic violence?
  • Can force replace love?
  • Should women be allowed to go to the wars and fight?
  • What is the ideal profession for women?
  • How can we control human trafficking and child abuse?

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