8 Tricks To Help You Find An Example Of A Compare And Contrast Essay Outline

If you’re instructed to write a compare and contrast essay for the first time, this task might seem difficult for you. However, it’ll be much easier for you to complete your assignment if you look at high-quality compare and contrast paper outline examples. There are many places where you may find needed sample papers. You should just learn where to look.

Where to Search for Examples

  1. Visit your teacher.
  2. A good teacher should always have sample papers and other extra materials than can help their students during their work.

  3. Visit your school library.
  4. This source should contain plenty of papers written by other students. Take copies of compare and contrast essays that have earned their authors excellent grades.

  5. Visit your school database.
  6. If your school has an electronic database, you may use this source instead of going to a library. This option is effective and convenient.

  7. Visit your friends.
  8. Your older friends should have written similar papers when they were of your age, so maybe they still have copies of their old works that they can share with you.

  9. Visit local academic centers.
  10. These organizations help students with everything related to academic writing. It’s likely that they’ll have a lot of examples for writing a compare and contrast paper.

  11. Visit online libraries.
  12. These web resources contain different books, journals, and academic papers. If you search thoroughly, you’ll be able to find some good and free templates for your essay.

  13. Visit educational websites.
  14. Websites that contain educational articles related to academic writing should have samples for every type of papers.

  15. Visit online academic writing companies.
  16. If you’re willing to spend money on a good example, you may buy a paper from a professional agency. Such samples should be of the highest quality.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t copy anything from your templates. Otherwise, you’ll be accused of plagiarism and get a low score.

Composing a Compare and Contrast Essay

Remember that you should come up with your topic and arguments and conduct your research before you start writing. A good sample paper will help you make an outline. Make sure to clearly present the subjects of your comparison and discuss their differences and similarities in detail. Write in a simple language so that the reader focuses on the contents of your paper rather than on terms that you use. Revise your paper after composing it to eliminate grammar and spelling mistakes and rewrite sentences that aren’t directly related to your thesis statement.


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