Searching For An Effective Personal Descriptive Essay Example

Personal description essays are very unique writing opportunities which allow students the opportunity to be very creative. The descriptive essay is one which, by definition provides an opportunity to use all of the senses and in-depth descriptions to truly explore a concept, event, person, or objects. It is through concrete descriptions that such information can be presented best.

When you have to create a personal description essay it may be one of the first times you have ever been exposed to such writing requirements. If that is the case one of the best things that you can use to expound upon your existing knowledge and to make sure the content you craft is top-notch is a sample. Finding a sample will help you to better understand the requirements you are facing and the type of writing you have to complete. Any time or effort saved in the process of research is more time you can spends on crafting your outline, reviewing your first draft, or relaxing after your final submission.

So where can you find an example?

  • When you were looking for an effective personal description essay example the first place you want to look is your school library or classroom. Many teachers will provide examples when they assign any type of task and often teachers will go over this example in class with information such as what grade that final paper received so that you have all of the tools you need to know exactly what you have to do to obtain which great. If your teacher did not go over and example in class they may have simply forgotten and by inquiring you could remind them.
  • If they are unable to provide you with what you are looking for another option available to you is to look over your school English bulletin boards. Within every English department there are bulletin boards displaying recently completed work by other students. Sometimes these bulletin boards will contain samples that other classes wrote or other students wrote in previous years. When this is available to you cannot only learn the requirements but you can learn exactly what formatting and style your English department requires.
  • Your school library is similar to the English bulletin board which might contain samples at other students have completed as well as informative writing tips that you can apply to this assignment.

If all else fails you can turn to the Internet in search of online based examples from your school, other schools, or academically affiliated websites.


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