A 5-Step Guide To Writing A Compare And Contrast College Essay

When you are asked to write a compare and contrast essay for college, there are a few things you need to follow step by step in order to create a dissertation which is crisp and yet shows that you have done your homework and research well. This could be any freelance essay topic. Regardless of the dissertation for a compare and contrast thesis that needs to be written about the five steps are as follows:

  • a) You have first to read and do proper research on the topics that you need to write your thesis on. It makes sense to make notes of the points you know and the points to need to get more information on. You need to make then lists based on the notes and write down ideas of all that is common between the two topics, products or ideas. Similarly, you will need to make notes of the points where these two ideas are different or differ from each other including the finer points and aspects.
  • b) Once these lists have been made, the most important, salient as well as those points which can be termed as most important or which stand out the most should be cherry picked. The points should revolve around the central idea and the same theme.
  • c) The outline of the essay then needs to be written. It should be around six paragraphs. You should have an introduction. This should state the general idea, and then the body of the piece should be around four paragraphs long and should have one on each topic or idea and then one paragraph on the comparison points and one on the contrasting points. Then it should be followed by a conclusion paragraph.
  • d) The text is then to be filled into the outline which is mentioned. You should mention points which help to support your arguments, and there should be evidence which is mentioned. You can also give examples for each of the topics or ideas.
  • e) Finally, you should check your homework for all types of errors – grammar, logic, spelling, content, etc. You should also get other people to read the freelance thesis and provide critique on it.

Once you have worked through these five steps, you will have a good structure for your compare and contrast dissertation and on your way to a quality product.


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