Helpful Hints For Creating An Essay On Corruption

One can write an essay on the topic of corruption in any of a number disciplines, and as such is a much more common topic than one might first consider. No matter what kind of assignment you get – argumentative paper, exploratory paper, etc. – it’s important you conduct enough research that you can present an informed argument that takes several views into account. Here are some of the most important hints for creating an essay on corruption:

  • Choose a specific and interesting topic:
  • Just like you may have heard when writing different kinds of assignment, choosing a good topic is an important step towards getting a good grade. Consider a few unique topics to get started; they don’t have to be precise at this point, just enough for you to do some reading as you gradually move towards something more focused.

  • Conduct some preliminary research:
  • Take your handful of topics and start with some preliminary research. You can start by doing some background online reading. Pay attention to sources cited as you might be able to use them towards your own work. While it’s generally not a good idea to reference online sources, you might find that government and educational sites provide a lot of information.

  • Do some in-depth research:
  • Next, choose a single corruption topic to focus on. The next helpful hint is to do some in-depth research at your library. Speak with a reference librarian to get started. He or she should point you to academic journals and articles to help you with your project. Be sure you use the most current references; any older than 3 years should be of no use to your essay.

  • Draft thesis statement and outline:
  • Take all of the information you have found during your research and draft a thesis statement and outline. Consider your audience when you organize and order your evidence in the outline. Your corruption essay can become too confusing if you don’t think logically.

  • Write a first draft of your essay:
  • Start writing your assignment as early as possible. A great hint is to start by writing a rough draft as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Don’t worry about correcting small mistakes in grammar, punctuation or spelling. You will have time to make those corrections at a later stage. The most important is that you get all of your ideas down so you can come back to rework a more precise and effective argument.

  • Revise your paper on corruption:
  • Be sure you give yourself enough time to thoroughly revise your argument. A paper that is submitted without a proper revision will likely be difficult to follow and won’t get you the support you require. If possible set your work aside for a few days before starting with your revision.


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