Where Should I Look For An Essay Example On A Modest Proposal?

A Modest Proposal is authored by Jonathan Swift. This paper made use of irony, mockery or sarcasm to make its point. The term satire pertains to a kind of classical work that pokes fun or attacks imperfection, fault, stupidity, abuses or vices. This may make a thing or person satirized, feel dislike of something or may make the reader ridiculed. In addition, this sarcastically or playfully criticizes something or someone with the use of brilliant wording or wit and at times makes horrible claims or declarations.

Take note that the primary objective of a satire is to urge readers to straighten out the issue under discussion. Meanwhile, the major weapon of a cynic is verbal irony which is known as a form of speech in which words are utilized to scorn a thing or a person through disclosing a connotation that is contradictory to what actually the words assert.

In “A Modest Proposal”, Swift starts by tackling the drastic poverty that is prevalent in Ireland and brings up how the country’s condition is not helped by the powerful England. Moreover, the author effectively uses rhetorical exaggeration, bitterness, and insincerity to uncover his vexation towards papists, politicians and citizens of impoverished Ireland in the late 17th century. Be that as it may, there are 3 factors that make the author’s argument not deliberate: the humorousness of the proposal, his pretense and the tone used.

Although Jonathan Swift’s work is deemed as a very short satire, it is however filled with economic, moral and political questions worth delving into. In the same way, the author supports this disheartening statement with economic justification and resolves that the children will be partly responsible for clothing and feeding of the massive population in Ireland.

If you prefer to write satire, one of the biggest help is to read satire. This is a distinct approach of thinking and for you to fully understand it and write it more excellently; one must become familiarized with its voice, prose as well as style.

There are a few good satirical sites that you can refer to and these include:

  • World News Daily Report
  • Lark News
  • The Onion

For sure, you can obtain lots of ideas and samples just by merely exploring these sites. This way, it will be a lot easier for you to deal with A Modest Proposal since you will encounter great essay examples that will assist you on how to start writing your own paper.


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