How To Obtain Essay Examples: Effective Instructions

On the web today, there are all kinds of good essay samples in all kinds of categories. You’ll want to be careful to search for essays not just in the discipline as which you want them but also by essay type.

There are all kinds of essay types which your instructor might assign you.

Some of the many types of essays you might have to write are

  • Research papers with a thesis and sources
  • An informative essay
  • An argumentative essay
  • A cause and effect essay
  • A persuasive essay

Therefore, you might have to write an essay on the topic of, say, human resources management, but it is also an informative research paper, telling your reader all about this profession—everything they need to understand this position today, the demand for it, what they do, and any other pertinent information.

Therefore, when you search for an essay example, make sure to put in the “type” of essay it is.

Finding Quality Sample Essay Examples Online

There are several ways to find good, quality samples of the different types of essays online.

Search for Samples By Searching for How to Write ______________Type of Essay

Often, when you search for a how to write a _________ type of essay lectures, you will find a sample essay that is of a very high quality. Often, these types of explanations and essay samples are put together by major universities and can be depended upon as wonderful samples of academic writing.

Search for Examples by Subject Matter and Type of Essay

You might search for both type and subject of essay. This type of very narrow search, if you are lucky, will yield you an essay much like the one you yourself need to write.

Therefore, let’s say you have to write a comparison and contrast essay on global warming, then you might Google both “comparison and contrast global warming.”

Then, you’ll find a perfect essay sample on both the subject of the essay you want to write about and using the same type of material that you want to write about.

Then, you’ll only have to be careful not to plagiarize the essay.

Make Sure To Use Quotation for Research Papers

Make sure to work in your own research for essays through quotation and paraphrase. Make sure to find several quality sources to work in through quotation.


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