A Selection Of Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For Third Grade

What is compare and contrast type essay?

The purpose of writing a compare and contrast essay is nothing but to examine the differences and the similarities of two given distinct object. In this type of essay format you get to describe the detailed differences between the two. Once you choose two distinct subjects that can be compared and contrasted in a meaningful way, you would start building your own thesis and form an equation about them. So when we are to write a compare and contrast type essay we need to be very brief and to the point. Without a proper focused mental setup it will be difficult to construct it. Steps that should be followed to write a compare and contrast type essay are given below.

  1. Picking of the subjects: While choosing two subjects we should always keep in mind that we can compare and contrast them in a meaningful way. Without that it would be a waste of time as readers would not find any enthusiasm in your essay. They should be such that they can be compared on the basis of their similarities and similarly they should have enough difference so that they can be contrasted. You cannot brainstorm and produce unique subjects such that you find it difficult to compare or contrast. That will be nothing but aloss of your time and hard work.
  2. Research on your topic: One must go thoroughly through the topics of differences and similarities among the two subjects. Once picked you must immediately go for detailed research on what points can they been differ and on what point they can be contrasted with each other. As a quick note you can form a Venn diagram of the two subjects with the union part you jot down the similarities and in the non-union parts all the differences.
  3. Thesis statement: The thesis statement should be one such a statement that will clarify the reader about the main differences and similarities between the two subjects. Make a meaningful comparison so that the readers can relate with it. Always try to be neutral. You should not be the person to judge. You let the readers decide.

Some topic for a third grade student:

  • Your best pal to your enemy.
  • Being the King to being a tramp.
  • The influence of good books to the influence of good music.
  • Your saddest day to your happiest day.
  • Talking to your mom and talking to your friends.
  • The benefits of heat to the benefits of cold .
  • Your best birthday to your worst birthday.

By following all the methods you can easily write a compare and contrast essay. One thing to be kept in mind is to be calm and handle the work with nerve. This will help you and your work.


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