Looking for sources with free essays and term papers

The good news about the title of this article is that there are many sources containing free essays and term papers. The further good news is that they are easy to find and therefore to access. But there is some bad news. Just because something is free doesn't automatically mean that it is good. And therein lies the problem. If you are looking for inspiration or for information for an essay or term paper you are required to write, learning from other people's work can be a great idea. But there is a trap.

If the free essay or free term paper you are reading is in fact one of poor quality or which has a variety of mistakes, there is the danger that you could be misled or could even copy the mistakes of this other writer. The key here is that you find free essays and term papers which have quality. This produces two questions.

  • Where can you find sources with free essays and term papers?
  • How can you be sure this free material is of a high standard?

The most obvious source for these free essays is online. There are companies which offer such material gratis but often with a request that we will show you ours if you show us yours. In other words, you send them one of your essays or term papers and they in turn will allow you to read the ones they have in store. Then there are writing services which, for a fee, provide written material for students. To show a sample of the type of work they produce, some of these writing services will allow you to read essays that their staff have created in the past.

In many cases, educational institutions will display work produced by their students. This can be found just as readily within the college libraries and perhaps even more so than can be found online. So immediately you have at least two sources which provide this free written material.

But again we return to the point about quality. Reading other students’ work which does not have a high standard of literary skills, which perhaps doesn't answer the question or stick to the topic on which may involve repetition and incorrect spelling and grammar, is not a good idea. You need to apply the basic test regarding the quality of this free material.

What type of score did it rate? What are the comments made by the examiner? Free material is fine but high-quality free material is better.


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