Help me find quality topics for my essay

When you are struggling to find an essay topic, any ideas that people offer are never the right ones. Most students struggle with essay topics because they want to come up with an unusual idea that will get their instructor’s attention. There are so many overused essay topics that have become boring to write about and boring to read. Here are a few ideas for quality essay topics that you might not have thought about:

Local environmental issues: Students often turn to large issues that are difficult to grasp, like global environmental issues. But, if you look at a local issues, you are more likely to have a topic that no one else has writing about in your class. Local environmental issues usually revolve around drinking water, geographically unique features, or invasive species.

Local economic issues: Like local environmental issues, local economic issues can also create unique essays. Maybe your community has been overrun by gastropubs, yoga studios, and organic clothing shops. What does this say about your community’s economy? What about the housing prices and local issues with buying and selling homes? Communities have a host of economic issues that can be interesting to investigate.

Local education issues: Schools all over the country are experiencing reform in ways that no one would have ever predicted. How is this reform occurring in your local schools? How are teachers and families accepting the new national curriculum? What is happening on your local school boards?

Local social issues: Your community might be in the middle of a dispute about a new park, but you do not know why. Investigating local social issues and the history behind them can be a fascinating topic, too. The social issues in your community can be about topical issues like gay marriage, youth criminals being charged as adults, or the prevention of animal cruelty. You can bring these big issues into a small essay by writing about your very own hometown.

When you tackle a local issue for an essay instead of writing about a global or national issue, you have the opportunity to have first-hand source material. For example, if you choose to write about the local school board’s reaction to an event at a school, you can actually speak directly to the school board members that were involved and use them as sources. You will not have to conduct much research, other than through local media sources.


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