Follow the sample and create a strong introductory paragraph

The introductory paragraph is very important because it not only gives your reader an idea about the article but it gets them interested and prepared to read it. There are some key factors that need to be present in the introductory paragraph in order for your paper to be successful. Without these key factors, you will not succeed at drawing your reader in and that should be your main focus when writing your introduction.

The introductory paragraph is designed to get your reader’s attention. A great essay will make you want to continue reading. These are the factors that you can consider when you are writing you introductory paragraph.

  • Use an interesting quote about your subject in the beginning to get their attention. This should be a weird or amazing quote about the subject. It should be something that many people wouldn’t know about the subject so that the reader is curious to read more.
  • It should contain any background information on the subject. The introductory paragraph is designed to present a case to an audience. Since you never really know what the reader knows about the topic, it is important to let them know basic information. This will let them know what the topic is all about so the rest of the paper makes sense.
  • There may be a need to add definitions to popular vocabulary words. If there are a lot of words that you believe that your readers will not know, it may be useful to give the definitions to them in the introduction so that they can follow your paper. If you have a bunch of lingo that the reader does not know, they may not really care to keep reading your paper.
  • It should contain a thesis statement. Your introduction is where you tell your audience the reasons why you are writing the paper. The thesis is the main reason why you are writing your paper. It is the main point and you should let your audience know in the introduction what the paper will be about.

A strong introductory paragraph must consist of the elements that were displayed in the sample. It shows you how each element will affect how the reader reacts to the paper and the best ways to get the reader engaged in your work. An engaged reader will take more out of the paper. Don’t lose the reader before you have gotten them to read your evidence.


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