A Step-by-step essay writing guide for beginners

As a beginner student, the smartest thing you can do is use a guide for writing your essay. Not only will it help you get all the right steps and in the correct order, it will also help the process of writing go more quickly. When you don’t have much experience in writing essays, the entire process can seem exasperating and confusing. A good guide however, can turn essay writing into something easy and fun.

Basically there are 10 steps to writing a great essay. The following guide will help you through these steps and explain each one for your convenience.

  1. Research – you need to have some background research done on your topic. It’s kind of like you’re becoming an expert. You can use the internet, your library and whatever academic databases you have access to.
  2. Analysis – this is where you go through the reading material you’ve found and analyze the claims the other writers have made. Find weaknesses in their logic and also their strengths.
  3. Brainstorm – your essay needs some of your own ideas. Now that you’re an “expert” because of all the research you’ve done, write down some ideas out of your head.
  4. Thesis – create your thesis, which is your main point the essay will be founded upon.
  5. Outline – novice writers try to skip this step, thinking the writing will go much faster if they don’t stop to write an outline. This is far from the truth! An outline clearly shows you what to include in your essay, in the correct sequence.
  6. Paragraphs – these are based on the main points you wrote down in your outline. Each one should be focused on a single idea. Use clear and concise writing.
  7. Introduction – write the introduction based on the content of your essay. The introduction is basically a summary of what you are about to tell them in the essay.
  8. Conclusion – similar to the introduction, this paragraph wraps up what you presented. Don’t add any new information here.
  9. MLA style, or whatever style was assigned for your essay. Make sure quotes, citations and references as well as pagination and other style concepts are correct.
  10. Language – proofread and make sure you have used words properly. Your grammar should be perfect and so should the punctuation. Don’t skip on this step. Poor proofreading can sink even the most well-written essay.

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