Brainstorming Process Essay Topic Ideas: Hints And Tips To Apply When Creating A Topic

A process essay is a work in which our goal is to describe how to do something, or explain how something happens. Assume when you write a process essay, that your reader has no idea what you are talking about at the start. Your job is to inform and educate them. By the end of a process essay, your audience should feel as if they have learned something new, or better understand something which used to confuse them.

Now you know how you should be composing your essay, but you still have to decide the topic you'll be writing about. We have put together some hints and tips for you to use as you brainstorm for your next process essay assignment.

Don't Over-Complicate The Issue

Your subject doesn't need to be simple per se, but it should not be too complex. You want your reader to have a very basic grasp on the subject of your essay, or at least a curiousity regarding the topic. Try to write about something that does not need visual aids, illustrations, or demonstrations. Words should be enough to get your ideas and explanations across.

Consider Using A Step By Step Or Chronological Format

You may find it easier to lead your reader through your essay, with each body paragraph providing one step, or part of the process, under discussion. Connecting your paragraphs with words and phrases like “and then”, “secondly” and “next” may be helpful in keeping your readers engaged. Be careful not to overdue it though! An essay filled with “and then, and then, and then” will rapidly become a bore to your audience.

Be Consistent In Your Use Of Pronouns And Frame Of Reference

If you decide to write your essay in the first person, be sure to continue that way for the duration of your paper. Switching back and forth between “I take the ingredients” to you should mix the batter” to “when we are ready to bake the cake” sounds confusing. Choose how you will approach your topic, and keep your tone and flow consistent.

Process Essay Topic Ideas Tips:

  • Consider writing about something that you have particular knowledge, interest, or expertise in. This will make it easier for you to write with an authoritative tone, and will cut down on the research required to complete the work. You are pretty much guaranteed to produce higher caliber writing if you choose a topic that interest you.
  • “How to” process essays are very common, and frequently this method is successfully employed by students. But a “how not to” essay could be even more interesting! How to get good grades? How about “how not to get good grades”? Don't be afraid to have a little fun!

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