Academic Writing Lessons Good Essay Vocabulary For High School

Vocabulary is one of the important parts of the essay. Without the use of vocabulary one cannot write well. So students of high school are suggested to read vocabulary and increase it for impressive writing. Your essay writing will not improve until you have a good word stock of vocabulary. At the same time you have pay attention to word you choose. There may me more meaning for one single word. So be careful in choosing them. Writing academic paper on vocabulary may be little tough for the students of high school as they do not have complete knowledge about it. We will suggest you some tips for academic writing lesson good academic paper vocabulary. If you use these tips then it will help you in your academic future. Here they are:

Appropriate use of transitional words

These words play vital role in academic paper and they are used develop academic paper. They are essentially used to indicate sentences and paragraph. Both the writer and reader are moved from one to other sentence with help of transitional words. It also helps to move them from one paragraph to anther paragraph undisturbed.

Formal vocabulary

In our daily life we use some common vocabulary to communicate with each other. They should not be used as they are not suitable for academic writing. Such words are used as informal or casual in talking. However use of informal language should not be considered as less value in comparison with formal language. Formal languages are appropriate in writing academic academic paper. It is not that you avoid use of casual language.

Do not use redundancy

Conciseness is required in the academic writing. Students are generally found that they use unnecessary words to make their academic paper lengthy. They should avoid using such unnecessary words in the academic paper. It does not make sense to the academic paper. Reader will not impress with your long academic paper rather he tries to find out facts in your academic paper. It use of facts, information which make your academic paper impressive not the use of fancy expression.

Misused words

There are some common words which are misused by the people. So they know the actual use of those words.


Use of transition words that you use in academic paper should be logical and make good sense. They should cover meaning of entire academic paper. If you choose to write formal vocabulary that means you are consciously writing. Consequently your writing will be effective and logical.


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