Top 15 Narrative Essay Topics For College Students

Choosing a topic for your narrative essay can really stressful because you want to make sure that you pick a topic that you can are passionate about and something that is significant in your life.  Here are some examples of some topics you can use in your narrative essay.


  • You first day of school:  This topic is a good one because everyone has different experiences on the first day of school and you can widen this topic with your first day of elementary, middle or high school, or even college.
  • A life changing experience:  Writing an essay about something that changed your life, this a great topic for a narrative essay.
  • Failure or Success: You could also write about a failure or success in your life.
  • An account on an important event:  Everyone know where they were during an important event and this could be your topic.
  • An embarrassing experience:  Here you will face your embarrassment and learn to laugh at yourself. And it also makes a fun and interesting essay.
  • Facing a fear:  Talking about a fear you overcame it a good narrative topic.
  • A break up with a friend or girl/boyfriend:  We all have these kinds of experiences and they are a good narrative for your essay.
  • Learned lesson:  We all have a story where we have learned something very important in our lives and this can be a topic you can use for your essay.
  • Surviving a disaster or accident:  Some of use have near death experiences and this can make an interesting essay.
  • A memorable vacation or place you visited:  We all have a special place that we visited and it has meaning for us.  This topic is a good one because you can put emotion into your essay.
  • The Happiest or Saddest Day in your life:  We all have day that are better than others and you can use them to write your essay.
  • Your first time spend away from home:  The first time you go somewhere that is strange can be stressful and you can use that experience as your essay.
  • First of anything:  First of anything are good topics for you essay, like first kiss, date, or anything that was your first.
  • Inspirational person in your life:  Writing about an inspirational person in you life is a good topic for your essay.  This can be a parent, teacher, sports person, and any person that has pushed you to do better.
  • When you did something in your life that scared you:  This could be an airplane ride, bungee jumping, running your first marathon, or anything that you did that scared you but you still did it.

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