Advantages And Disadvantages Of Downloading A Free Essay

Every now and then you’ll here students ask about the advantages and disadvantages of downloading free homework assignments from an online resource. There are enough factors to both sides that we thought it would be helpful to discuss a few of them here. Take a look:

Advantages of Downloading a Free Essay

  1. Fast and Convenient
  2. When you are in a pinch a free downloadable paper certainly can be a life saver. You can find no-cost assignments simply by conducting a keyword search. You’ll have thousands of papers to choose from on just about any topic. Used effectively you can always have a resource waiting for you as new assignments arrive.

  3. Can Be Used as A Guide
  4. Many writers agree that one of the better ways to learn the writing craft is to learn by example. Downloading a free assignment gives students the opportunity to have a reliable sample to reference whenever they start their own writing project. This quick reference can reinforce a lot of the skills learned in class and through practice.

  5. Will Have Correct Information
  6. Free online assignments can give students a head start when they are starting their research. Finding a paper that deals with a specific subject can provide sources and even some content that can be used in original works if cited properly.

Disadvantages of Downloading a Free Essay

  1. Might Not Be Original
  2. One of the biggest disadvantages of downloading an essay is that it will have been passed around to hundreds of other students. This means that there is a great chance that the paper has been submitted by others and would be plagiarism if you attempted to submit it yourself.

  3. Incorrect Information
  4. You’ve probably heard that you shouldn’t believe everything you find online. The same is true for free essays. These are primarily meant to be samples for students to use as guides. But many students make the mistake of using the information on the assignment in their own research, which of course puts a big question mark on their researching abilities.

  5. Improper Formatting
  6. A lot of the free assignments you find online aren’t necessarily formatted correctly. The samples you find are often written by paper mills that simply need to put up as much content as they can in order to rank higher on search engines. This means that there isn’t a lot of attention paid to the details of style or formatting in these works.


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