Writing a Proposal Essay: Original Topic Ideas

The suggestions of young minds are often sensible and there must be something you’d do if you were the ruler of a perfect world. A proposal essay allows you to come up with some problem solving ideas by suggesting a new way of doing things. Here are 6 topic suggestions for you to ponder.

  • Lie detector tests should be admissible in court
  • Doesn’t the error margin on lie detector tests trump the error margin of human juries or judges? Put it to your reader that lie detector tests should be admissible—or at least considered—in court.

  • Politicians should be paid minimum wage
  • Would we end up getting more sincerity from our politicians if they weren’t elected for the money? Convince your reader that bare minimum wage would end corruption and have people in power who actually cared about what they were doing.

  • Sperm banks are immoral and should be replaced by surrogate mother systems insteadThe idea of depositing large quantities of sperm is just wrong! Get your reader to agree that it should be outlawed, and any wannabe mothers should instead opt for a surrogate mother scenario.

  • Prisoners should be made to work
  • Prisoners are left to feed off the state while they sit in prison and do nothing. Many have called prisons ‘crime schools’ and say that many prisoners end up leaving their cells worse than when they went in. Wouldn’t it be more productive to have them perform free labour. Building roads, or removing rubble; would the state not benefit more from this type of system?

  • Schools should include a ‘street-smarts’ factor to learning
  • How many useful and important things did you learn while out of school? Theory is all good and well, but shouldn’t there be more to formal education than just textbooks and class? How about a curriculum that taught kids about the real world, and how they can survive it when they leave?

  • GMO food should be outlawed

Considering the dangers associated with genetically modified foods, shouldn’t the world’s governments do something to eradicate these strains? Argue that GMO has the risk of cross pollinating and causing original strains of food to go extinct.

Remember to give reasons for your arguments and stats can’t hurt either. Find yourself a good survey website and gather the resources you need to make a strong case in order to show the world that you have a better way.


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