How to write a simple thesis statement for an essay

When you sit down to write an essay for a class or for some kind of academic reason then you need to make sure you understand all of the guidelines. Every assignment is going to have a specific set of details that are going to be used and there are a lot of very small things that are in those instructions which can play a role in guiding the course of your paper. You should strive to make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to do both research and to actually write the paper. If the paper is longer than a five paragraph essay then this is especially important. A lot of times essays of this type will follow a structure like this:

Introduction: Assume that people you are writing to are not going to have time to go through the entire thing that you have written but that they already have a somewhat good understanding of what you are writing and that they will understand what your paper hopes to accomplish based mostly on this section alone.

Body Paragraph 1: Try and spend a lot of time on this once you have finished with the intro. This is going to be one of the make or break areas in your entire paper. The last sentence of this section is going to have to have some sort of transition from which you can begin to work on the next paragraph. Paragraph two is going to be the main topic. It should be established by the second sentence and it needs to be closely related to the thesis statement of the paper as a whole which was layed out in the introduction. The last sentence here, again, should tie somehow into the third paragraph. By this point the role of that transition should be obvious. It is meant to tie everything together for the reader. The third paragraph needs to relate to the thesis again, as the other ones do. Make sure the last sentence transitions the reader into the fact that the paper as a whole is about to come to an end through the conclusion.

Conclusion: This is the point where you have to kinda rewrite the introduction and summarize not only the point of the paper but also any of the evidence that you are presenting within the body of the paper itself. It is important to remember that this is the very last chance that you are going to have to convince someone that the information that you have presented is valid.


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