The introductory paragraph as the most influential part of your paper

There are many parts to an essay and each has its own usefulness and contributes to the overall effect. The body explains, the conclusion concludes and the introduction introduces. This makes it the most influential part of your essay. Here’s why.

It gives the first impression

The first impression you have of something changes the way you feel about the rest of it. If your dessert was presented to you and it was beautiful but the first bit tasted sour, you would not continue. If it smelled rotten, your reaction would be the same. No matter which sense is offended, all it takes is that initial turn-off for us to decide the rest is not worth our time. Your paper’s introduction is like that. If it is badly constructed it can make the reader stop reading because they think nothing of worth is to be had in the rest of the paper. If they continue, they will have already formed a negative opinion of the paper that very little can change.

It’s where you explain what’s about to happen next

Your introduction is the space you use to explain to the reader what your purpose is in writing the paper and how you intend to address that topic. You can put in the type of essay you will be writing with words like “comparison”, “contrast” or “analysis”. This helps the person grading you know what types of points they should be looking out for so they can read your essay with this in mind. Make sure that it does not go against the title of your research paper. There should be cohesion.

Its absence seems like an error

If you ignore the previous two reasons and attempt to write a paper without an introduction, you will notice one of two things. You may have put in a sort of pseudo-introduction in the body of the essay without realizing or the essay will seem to be missing something vital. It is likely to come across as poorly done as a result even if the remaining points were well chosen and explained.

While all parts of an essay have value the one that comes first is the one that the reader will judge the rest as a result of. Let this work in your favor by writing the best introduction you can.


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