What is the basic academic essay structure?

The basic academic essay structure can be remembered easily by focusing on three main parts: the introduction, body and conclusion. In some cases these elements may be defined a little differently depending on academic standards set by your school. But, you can get a general idea on how to organize and structure your information. Students can study sample essays upon learning the purpose of each part that makes up structure.

Understanding Elements of Essay Structure: Introduction, Body and Conclusion

You can remember basic elements of essay structure by reviewing each of their purposes. The introduction includes background information on the subject matter and your main idea or thesis statement. The introduction appears early in the essay as the first paragraph readers will review. It should have a hook to attract readers’ attention and provide insight on why readers should keep reading.

The next part of essay structure is the body. This consists of multiple paragraphs that each have a definitive point and supporting evidence. These areas help support your thesis statement and help prove your argument. You may have three or more paragraphs depending on the required length of your essay. Each paragraph will follow the same structure with a topic sentence, main point, support evidence and transitional sentence to help readers follow from one paragraph to the next.

The final portion of the essay structure is the conclusion. This wraps up the essay topic. It may mention significant information you want readers to remember about the subject. This section can serve other purposes or include new information that was not mentioned previously in the essay. Elements included in this portion will depend on the type of essay you are writing.

Additional Details to Review about Structure and Essay Guidelines

Study sample essays to understand how the structure comes together. Learn about portions of the writing process students have problems completing. Consider working with a professional essay writer or tutor to help improve your skills. Pay close attention to essay guidelines presented by your instructor as they do vary. A basic essay can be 500 words or roughly one page in length, but they can be shorter or longer depending on their purpose. No matter the length the essay will follow the same structure with an introduction, body and conclusion. Any guidelines presented will help you create the content needed to fit the required length.


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