A Reliable Guide on How to Write a Process Paper

A process paper is a paper that describes how to do something or how something has already occurred. It utilizes a systematic step-by-step style of writing that is easy for the reader to follow. Here is a reliable guide on how to write a process paper.

What to do in a Process Paper

  • Remember that the process paper should be easy for the reader to follow. In this paper you are either expecting your reader to duplicate your procedure, or you are expecting your reader to follow and understand your method well. Therefore, keep your writing style on the simple side. Your main focus is for your reader to follow your process easily and quickly.
  • Use transition words at the beginning of each area that introduces a new step. This is done so that the overall writing and direction flows naturally. If you pay attention to the way you naturally speak when explaining something to a friend for instance, you will notice that you naturally insert words like initially, during, afterward, etc.

What Not to do in a Process Paper

  • Avoid repetition of the same transition words. Process papers often contain the words: first, then, next, then, then, then for example. Yes, these words transition each step, but they are redundant and make for boring reading. Try coming up with better and different transition terms, such as: after step 1, simultaneously, immediately after and lastly.
  • Don’t write your process paper as if you are trying to win some sort of literary prize in literature. This is not the intent of a process paper. The writing should be focused and to the point. Therefore, avoid using extra adverbs or adjectives, and omit overall excessive wordiness. Each sentence should be direct.
  • It is not always recommended to use subheadings or bullet points or other elements used to break up a paper, such as this handy guideline you are reading right now. So, ask your teacher what he or she prefers. While the use of elements to break up chunks of writing is encouraged, in a process paper this isn’t necessarily the case. You want your reader to stay focused and read your procedure all in one focused read.

If you follow the points outlined in this guide, you will see that writing a process paper is actually one of the easier types of papers to write. Simply write how you speak when explaining a process out loud. Also, do not forget to proofread your paper for spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors and overall sentence structure.


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