How To Train Your Essay Writing Skills: A Great Manual

To succeed in high school as well as college, you will need to become a pro at writing essays. If this is not your strong suit, it can be quite a challenge. Luckily there are a number of resources available to help you to train yourself to become a better writer. Having a set of guidelines and helpful tips will help you to strengthen your writing skills and become a high-quality paper, writer.

Practice Writing in Active Voice

A mistake that is often made by students is that they write in passive voice instead of active voice. The overuse of passive voice can make for a bad essay. Here are some examples of active voice:

  • Henry ate two plates of fries at dinner.
  • I will clean the house every Sunday.
  • Dad read the book in one day.
  • Jeff painted the whole house.
  • She sent in her application today.

Here are some examples of passive voice:

  • At dinner, two plates of fries were eaten by Henry.
  • The house will be cleaned by me every Sunday.
  • In one day, Dad read the book.

Word Choice

When you are writing your paper, you need to make sure that you are using strong words. You need to find the right adjective or verb to get the reader’s attention. Try to be as specific as you can with your words so that you are painting a picture for the reader. You can use a thesaurus but be cautious. You do not want to use synonyms that simply do not make sense.

Practice Grammar

One of the most common mistakes writers make are ones involving grammar. The wrong use of a word or contraction can make you sound elementary. Here are some examples of common grammar mistakes/tips:

  • Know the difference between “their” “there” and “they’re.”
  • Know the difference between “your” and “you’re.”
  • Learn the difference between “its” and “it's.”
  • Study the difference between “affect” and “effect.”
  • Study the use of commas. They are overused in essay writing.
  • Learn the difference between “then” and “than.”

Writing a paper does not have to be difficult if you have the right resources at your disposal. Take the time to learn grammatical rules that will help you become a better writer. Read examples of writing from other people so you can start develop your own style of paper writing.


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