The Secret To Creating A Good 4th-Grade Informative Essay

An informative essay is as its name suggests a paper on a particular subject and providing enough information about it so that the reader understands it completely. Think informative articles or how-to articles that you read online or in magazines that is the sort of tone and substance that goes into such an article.

The tricky part is to help a 4th grader write such a paper that maintains their academic standard but is still insightful.

Tips on creating a good 4th-grade informative paper

  • Picking the right topic. While it is important to let the student pick their own topic - something they know about already or a topic that interests them. However, it is equally important to steer them in the right direction by stressing on making the paper topic more specific. If they want to write about their pet dog, try encouraging them to write about the breed of the dog instead.
  • Perhaps the first step is to read up about the subject that you have picked. It is important to encourage all students including 4th graders to write about something that they know very well or are willing to study a little about. By spending a few hours researching or talking to someone about the subject - it will give them enough ideas to write about in their paper.
  • Formatting the paper correctly is equally important. Even a 4th grader should be able to format their article with the correct introduction, body of the paper and conclusion. They should also be encouraged to stick to the word limit. This is a good exercise to learn how to write academic papers in their future education.
  • This sort of a paper needs to be more informative than based on opinion. This is the reason why an essay on just their pet dog will not be informative enough since their perspective on the subject will be more opinion-based. However picking a more specific subject like their dog’s breed will allow them to write their paper in a more informative manner. This topic will, for instance, be able to talk about the physical appearance, behavioral traits, life span, etc. of that breed of dog.

It is important to help students from as early as 4th grade to learn how to write academic essays in the write fashion so that they don’t struggle with them in the future.


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