A List of outstanding topics for the Great Gatsby essay

The Great Gatsby is a staple of the English class curriculum. Now that there is an updated movie, teachers and students have rediscovered their love for this F. Scott Fitzgerald treasure. Teachers always assign essays at the conclusion of the novel, so students need to have topic about which to write. Since the novel has been in literature class reading lists for so long, there are numerous essay topics that have been covered for decades.

Here are a few essay topics to consider when you need to write about The Great Gatsby:

Which woman is the strongest? There are several women in the novel and they all have different qualities. In an essay about a strong woman, you simply need to define what a strong woman is like and which woman in the novel fits those characteristics the most.

Discuss the symbols in the novel. With this essay topic, you will look at the symbols and what they do int he novel. Some of the symbols include the eyes on the billboard, the lights across the bay, and the shirts in Gatsby’s closet. This topic is an oldie, but it is always worth exploring because Fitzgerald did such a good job incorporating these powerful symbols into the narrative.

Analyze the meaning of the last line. The last line of the novel evokes several images and feelings from the readers. While it is common for students to look at openings, it is not so common to look closely at endings. When students look at the last line of the novel, they can look back at the events of the novel to discuss what made Fitzgerald use this powerful closing.

Who is the protagonist? This topic can work for any novel, but with The Great Gatsby, it can really challenge the reader. There are several characters that the readers want to see succeed, so it is up to the reader to make the decision. It can be interesting to not only argue who the protagonist is, but it can also be interesting to argue who is not the protagonist.

Who is the antagonist? Again, this is a universal topic, but it is one that usually creates interesting discussions. It is best not to create a combined protagonist and antagonist essay, because the two topics are so different. Like the protagonist topic, there are several options for who the real antagonist is and why that character meets the criteria.


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