Current Persuasive Essay Topics: Which To Use?

Current topics for your persuasive essay are a great way to go because you want to choose something current to persuade your reader on the topic.  When you are researching for you topic, you want to make sure that you find evidence and facts that support your view on the topic.  If you don’t have good supporting facts, then you won’t be able to persuade the reader towards your idea.  You also want to show them the other side of the argument as well because then they can see both sides and can decide for themselves on the topic.

Current Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Companies were students’ work while attending college should offer reimbursement for tuition because they are furthering their education.  Most college students work while they are going to school but do you think companies should reimburse students at least a little for tuition?
  • Certain schools and classes like shop and vocational schools that high school students attend should be count as work experience.  There are classes we take and places we go to learn a trade or skill but we can’t use it as work experience on a resume because we weren’t paid to do it.  Should we be able to add things like this to our work experience on our resumes?
  • Should all schools including colleges offer tutoring to their students for free? Most school do want to see their student succeed and offering free tutoring to all their students could help with this.  Students will get higher grades and help is there if they need it.  This also helps parents because then they can get their kids help for free and they have a resource if their kids need help.
  • Should students take a year off before starting college?  Some countries already have put this in place for their kids but do you think this is better or should kids just keep going right after high school.
  • Why do you need Health Insurance?  Not every young person can afford health insurance but since the age was raised to 26 for kids on their parents insurance more college students have it.  But what are the consequences of not having health insurance and why should every student have it.
  • Do credit card companies hook college students into more debt?  You see booths from credit card companies on campus but are they really trying to help students build their credit or are they taking advantage of them.

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