How To Write An Impressive College Essay About Yourself: 10 Tips And Tricks

Follow these 10 tips and tricks to write an impressive college admissions essay about yourself:

  1. Use a story or anecdote
  2. It can be a good idea to write about a story or anecdote instead of just about yourself in general because writing about a thing that happened is more comfortable than writing about yourself.

  3. Make it true
  4. Make sure that the story that you use, and the things you say about yourself are true. Students can be tempted to fudge the truth a little, but most people can tell.

  5. Make it focused
  6. Try to keep your story as focused and concise as possible.

  7. Make sure it tells them something important about you
  8. The story that you pick should tell them something about yourself that they might not get just reading the rest of your application. Make sure that it highlights your good qualities.

  9. Make it relatable
  10. No one wants to read about the amazing things you’ve done that they or their kids will never have the chance to do. So try to make your story relatable to people in general and the reader in particular.

  11. Make sure the writing is friendly but strong
  12. It should be friendly and warm will still maintaining a bit of formality

  13. Don’t try to cram in too much information
  14. You don’t need to include everything about yourself in your one paper. Trust that the rest of your application will give them a good idea of who you are. Your essay is just meant to give them a taste of your personality.

  15. Relate your anecdote to their university or program
  16. Always be sure to be clear about how what you are writing about relates to the university or program you are applying to. Does it mean you are a hard worked? If so, tell them that, and tell them you’ll work hard to succeed in their institution.

  17. State your goals
  18. Tell them about what you want to do in the future.

  19. Don’t take yourself too seriously
  20. Keep in mind that they are potentially going to be reading thousands of these. And the majority of them will be from impressive and qualified individuals. Try to bring a little humility to yours and don’t take yourself too seriously in it. Chances are this will be a refreshing breath of air for the readers.


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