A simple guide on how to write a good essay on any topic

Whatever topic you have for whatever course you can always benefit from good essay writing tips.

When writing an essay on any topic you should make sure that you have the following components:

  1. an introduction
  2. the body complete with evidence for each argument
  3. the conclusion
  4. the references or bibliography

Some papers will differ slightly in terms of style but the majority of essays you are tasked with writing are all formatted like this. They all require thorough research to support your thesis. They all require an introduction that offers the reader adequate background information in order to understand your argument. They all require proper citations in accordance with the format style assigned to you by your teacher or by your TA.

That being said it is important that you not only recognize what type of essay you are writing and complete thorough research on your topic but you also need to write regularly in order to meet your deadlines.

The best amount of time to set aside to work is a solid forty five minutes of time. The brain can actively focus on a single task for forty five minutes before you need a break. So if you have two or more hours to dedicate to your work it is best that you set a timer for forty five minutes and then take a five or ten minute break in between. Then return and complete the second forty five minute set. During your breaks make sure you walk around. Get up and move about. This will encourage blood flow and help your mind to be more creative. As you get up and move around make sure to observe your surroundings. Mere observation during your breaks will go a long way toward helping you to be a good writer.

If you are going to set aside an entire day to work on your writing you should aim for a solid five to seven hours of writing. Do not write for more than seven hours. Remember too that every day you spend on your work should not be dedicated to writing. Mix and match research with organizing and writing. If you are unable to focus or are having trouble writing creatively then spend your time doing something else related to your paper like your bibliography.


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