Top 23 Persuasive Essay Topics For 8th Grade Students

When you understand that the unique purpose of writing a persuasive essay is to effectively convince your target readers into agreeing with your perspective on a given issue or topic, you will come to better understand why it is necessary that you follow certain laid down techniques to achieve a quality paper. Some of these techniques include carrying out logical analysis, provision of scientific data or results, evidence to back up claims and personal opinions. All these are geared towards convincing your readers on your stand on the subject being treated.

Whether your project of writing a persuasive essay as an 8th grade student is for or against a given topic or issue, the first necessary step will always be to choose an interesting topic. If you are at a loss on what topic to write on, listed below are a few topics for you to choose from. They are:

  • The importance of sleep in relation to our health
  • Smoke should not be allowed in public places
  • Everybody should have a right to free education
  • Deforestation is the main cause of green house effect
  • Should everybody be allowed to own pets?
  • Safety of our environment should be everybody’s business
  • It is better to consume more milk than sweets
  • Tobacco smokers should pay health taxes
  • Every fast food has negative impact on consumers’ health
  • The production of violent video games should be banned
  • Most children from broken homes are less productive
  • Should the use of school uniforms become mandatory?
  • Too much homework is counterproductive
  • Field trips are very important for a child’s physical and mental development
  • Students should be allowed to take their pets to school
  • Children should play out more and watch less television
  • How old is “old enough” to be independent
  • Every family should have their own garden
  • It is wrong for children to hate their parents
  • Students should have the right to grade their teachers
  • School year should be shorter
  • Parents of school bullies should be made to pay fines
  • Children should not be made to do chores at home on the days they have homework

As you compose your persuasive essay, carry out adequate researches to help you build strong argument. Add this to your already gathered supporting evidence and you stand better chances of convincing your target readers.


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