A List Of Strong Persuasive Essay Topics For College Students

If you want to write a strong persuasive essay, you have to have a great topic and to find a great topic you have to find a topic that you have passion for. One that you enjoy doing the research on it and that you have a good argument on that you can persuade your reader with.

Strong Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Should people get tax incentives for adopting children internationally? There are so many kids in the United States that need adopting but people are going outside of the United States to get kids. Is this far to the kids? Should they stop this incentive and promote more home adoptions? Pick a side and explain why with side is better.
  • Should minors be able to get a tattoo, even with the consent of an adult? Minors that get tattoo will probably regret it later in life but should the age just be eighteen and should minors still be allowed with parents consent. Make sure you tell the reader all the pros and cons of the minors and parents choice to get a tattoo in your essay.
  • Should the United States give college students a stipend to cover living expenses? Other countries do this but we don’t, do you think kids would do better in school if they had this and didn’t have to work a job or do you think that it would make tuition and loans higher for students?
  • Should schools get with the times and use more technology in the classroom? Schools would probably save a lot of money if they just use tablets to view their textbooks and they would save on paper by emailing or giving a download out to students to do as homework. There are so many ways that technology would save schools money and help make learning easier.
  • Should they pass a law they makes trunk release systems on all new cars to help save peoples lives? This is a safety feature that allows a person locked in a trunk to escape and this kind of system could save many lives.
  • With all of the risks that can come from kids having their own social media sites, should students have to take a class or seminar on how to stay safe on these sites? There are many dangers lurking online and kids should know all of the dangers so they can avoid them.

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