Compare and contrast essays topics: Looking for something fresh

Fresh ideas are not a dime a dozen. The do not fall or of trees.  Fresh ideas sometimes do develop when inspirations strike. But 99% of the time, fresh ideas will only come when a student takes the time to properly think a subject through and errors or the tired, overused ideas.  This is a process that the student must complete in order to find a new fresh idea. This is why every compare and contrast essay begins with a brainstorming session.  

  • The first step of this process is to think about what the student wants to write about, do they want to write about math, science, history.  
  • Next the student, need to think about what has been written in the past.  What have others compared and contrasted before.  They should look at how the other authors approached the subject.
  • The student needs to think about what to subjects they want to compare and contrast.  Make a list of what they have in common and want they don’t.  If either one of the list is longer than the other by four, then the two subjects are too similar or different to complete an effective paper.  If this is the case the student should repeat this step.
  • The student should research the topic, again to see what has been written on the subject. But also, they need to make sure that they will be able to write on the topic and use credible sources.
  • The student also needs to ask themselves what something is new that they could be say about the potential subject. Ask themselves what hasn’t been looked at before.
  • The student needs to ask themselves if they are excited about the topic, if they are excited about it, then they make a reader excited about the essay as well.

When a student goes through this brainstorming process, they should be able to discover a new and fresh idea for their compare and contrast essay.  This method of brainstorming can lead a student to a fresh idea about a subject.  By asking the questions listed above and running through this process, something new can develop a topic that the teacher will appreciate and find refreshing.  Because compare and contrast fresh ideas are not a dime a dozen, the student really has to make an effort to come up with a new look at an old topic, or a new topic altogether.  


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