Academic Guide On How To Write A Commentary In An Essay

It can be a little tricky to write a commentary in an essay, because a commentary requires a combination of skills that are typical of a variety of other assignments. For example, you will be required to argue, as you might in a typical academic essay, to research, as you would in a research paper, to report, as in a report paper, and even to persuade, as you would in a persuasive essay. This is a lot to manage, but by following the guidelines below, you can write a great commentary in an essay.

Choose an Area that You Are Interested In

A commentary is generally set around a topic that interests you: You may have to write a commentary on your favorite sport, your favorite band, or your favorite novel. Select one that you feel you can be eloquent in discussing, because just liking something is not enough; this is academic work, after all!

Brainstorm Opinions

Think, carefully, about your opinion, and why you hold it, but also think very carefully about criticisms and opposite opinions to yours. A commentary should acknowledge that your opinion is subjective, and should be able to accommodate other opinions.

Research Opinions

When you have decided on a few opinions and perspectives to include in your essay, try to find reliable and reputable sources for both your position and the other positions. The more you can find, the stronger your commentary will be, because it demonstrates that you are informed.

Clarify Your Point In Relation

Build your commentary around the information that you have found. Academic writing is about weaving an argument into an existing solid structure.Write as Though You Were Writing for a Magazine

The writing should be clear, untechnical, and above all engaging; you are attempting to tell the reader about something that is important to you, so make it interesting, so that the reader can empathise.

Ensure that You Have Accomplished Your Goal!

Reread your work, several times, from an objective position, and try to objectively see if you have done the job that you intended. There is always room for editing and improvement!

A commentary asks a complex blend of academic styles. But, if you know what is expected, you can enjoy the process of commenting, in an interesting way, on something that you yourself, are passionate about!


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