Rethinking common process essay topics for college

A professor in an English class once said that there are no new stories, only a retelling of the same ones.  Which in the case of essays may be true.  Each essay has the same essence of the ones that came before it.   Each subject seems to have the same topics that just get retold over and over again.  This can leave the professors and all readers bored.  Leave them never wanting to read another essay again; a bad to be in if they are grading a college essay. So for the college student who is having to write an essay they need to rethink the approach and forget the commonly used essay topics.

Once assigned the essay, a student needs to think about the subject they are writing it for and cross off all topics that can seem boring or stale.  They need to really come up with a topic that is original and unique.  Some possible topics should include very out of the box ideas.

Unique Topics:

  • The lottery: good or bad idea
  • What magic spell would you create
  •  Do curfews works?
  • A hero: what is the definition
  • What a person would do if there were suddenly empowered with a superpower
  •  Marking to Children; should companies do it?
  • Are condoms the most effective way to prevent teenage pregnancy?
  • A story of War: A essay about a vet who has been in theater
  •  Is their sub-society that is considered throw away?
  •  Are we the zombie apocalypse?  The dependence on computers?
  • A Self Reflection of your inner child
  •  Material and Paternity leave: Should America take better care of its new parents?  

These topics along with others like it will help any student produce an essay that is original and won’t bore the professor who is grading it to tears.  This should be the goal of any student who is writing an essay.  The student should want to complete essays that makes their readers, feel excited about the topic, not dull and dead.

Having a new view and perspective on the way that student’s views and approaches the essay will bring them to a point where they are no longer making and creating tired, overused essays.  This is what the college student need to focus on in order to make their essays new and exotic.  They need to rethink the common process of the essay and create something off the wall and very unique.


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