5 Tips To Help You Write A Strong Literary Essay Thesis Statement

Writing a literary essay thesis statement isn’t an easy task to do, but it’s an important and essential part of your work. It can be compared to the basis of the building where the whole construction is set on. A strong thesis statement doesn’t have to represent the main idea in a brief and boring manner, it has to intrigue, awake the interest, provoke to find the answer to the question “so what?”. As a rule, it is placed in the introductory part of a paper and is usually one sentence long. Students often find this assignment difficult. However, the following tips will make this process simple and exciting.

  • Don’t make your thesis too evident and clear. Try only to hint and outline the topic in general. Bear in mind that you just make your readers ready for the subject, you only emphasize the crucial milestones of your paper. The key point is to make them think over and find out more. Let them discover what you are going to tell about or to prove later while reading your work. Too straightaway thesis won’t cope with this task.
  • Try to avoid using special literary terms. Apply these elements only if they add some significant meaning to the work. Specific literary devices are sure to be met in the poem or novel. Thus their presence in your thesis statement will make it obvious and plain.
  • Be careful with the balance in your thesis. Don’t make it too common or it will become uncertain and obscure. If it’s too much defined, there will be nothing to discuss. Your thesis needs to have striking and outstanding claims, something that should be proved. Always keep in mind that this task means giving your treatment of the subject and your opinion, but neither descriptions nor facts.
  • Your thesis is a map of your paper. It shows what you are going to tell the reader about, what issues will be touched or what ideas on the topic will be included. Besides, the thesis statement gives the notion of both the content and the structure of the work.
  • A strong literary essay thesis statement should be proved with a strong argument. This means that it highlights the basic idea which the whole paper is focused on. A specific feature of a thesis lies in covering and reflecting of what is going to be discussed. Thus, if you have to change something in your work, remember to make appropriate changes in it as well.

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