Fifteen Great Argumentative Essay Writing Prompts For 6th Grade Students

Argumentative essay writing can be considered as a good learning experience especially for students of 6th grade. An argumentative essay is based on a statement and the points we provide to glorify it or to prove it is right. Students can write on any topics.

But it is better to deal with socially relevant topics because they will get enough points to prove their statements regarding the issue. Apart from that if we look into the society we can find hundreds of problems that we are facing daily. The important thing you need to keep in mind is that, the points you provide to validate your statement should be clear.

Do not come up with false points which spoil your entire write up. The topic should be introduced in simple and understandable manner and also you should mention about its impact on the society. In case of 6th grade students it is always better to avoid sensitive issues like religion, politics etc. Some of the commonly used topics for writing argumentative essays are problems in infrastructure, racism, gender discrimination, environmental pollution, deforestation, violence against women, cruelty against animals etc.

Here are some tips to write argumentative essays of good quality:

  • The introduction should be simple and easy to read. The main content of the essay should be understood from the introduction itself. A good introduction will create great impression on readers.
  • Explain in detail about your topic and its impact on society. This is another important thing in your essay because your topics and arguments are its soul.
  • You need to give pros and cons about the issue you are going to explain. Everything has its own merits and demerits. You need to prove that the arguments you have raised on the matter should be the perfect solution to the problem.
  • Some students become too much emotional while describing the topic. It should be avoided. It will definitely affect the quality of your writing.
  • In case if any arguments rise on your subject, you should keep enough points in mind to override it and to prove your points are correct.
  • If you are writing about any social issues, keep evidences to prove your points.
  • If you refer any books or websites to gain more information about the topic, do not forget to mention the source.

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