Choosing Persuasive Essay Topics: A Guide for Teenagers

A persuasive essay functions to present an issue, and convince the readers of a specific stance on the issue. When choosing your persuasive essay topic some good ways to decide can be to research your values and opinions, consider your audience, avoid overdone topics and to get approval. By following these guidelines, teens will successful select and execute persuasive essays.

Research Your Values & Opinions

Consider the values and opinions you hold. When writing your persuasive essay, it is easier to write about something your are personally interested in learning more about. This interest will drive your research process and increase your productivity, but also be careful not to select a topic you feel too passionately about. Some subjects are too sensitive, and will not make for strong topics. Whether it is because you feel too strongly about the subject or the reader feels too strongly about his or her values, overly sensitive topics should be avoided.

Consider Your Audience

Throughout your research, you will also want to consider your audience. What class is the paper for? Who will be reading it? What are the reader’s expectations? Considering these factors while determining your topic of research will help make for a more appealing topic to your specific audience. Think about it, would you wear the same outfit to a party with your friends as you would to church with your family? The same goes for writing, we must present appropriate attire or information.

Avoid Overdone Topics

After you have settled on a topic you have decided to be relevant to your interests, and also, considerate of your audience—you will want to make sure the topic is not overdone or cliché. You want to select a topic with enough information to support, but not something your instructor will have already read many times before. Originality is part of the grading scale, and picking a personal and original topic is a huge factor in a paper’s successfulness.

Get Approval

Lastly, this is not required, but cannot hurt—getting approval from an instructor can be a nice last seal of approval on your topic. You will not want to come to your professor with poorly researched half ideas, but once you have completed this guide up to this point, you will be ready to present your topic. Some instructors prefer to wait until grading time, but there is never any harm in asking for an opinion on your topic.

Persuasive essays can be fun to read, as well as write. Choosing the paper topic carefully assists in guaranteeing a compelling topic. By following the guide outlined, you will easily select strong, teen-appropriate, persuasive essay topics.


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