Legalization Of Prostitution

It is said that prostitution is one of the oldest forms of work that exists and it is unlikely that it will disappear anytime soon, whether or not governments make it legal. Though, legalization of this job type will prove difficult because of the moral dilemma many people feel concerning this issue, I believe that it s the right of every person to do with their bodies as a they please. People often try to impose their personal beliefs onto the rest of society and it is about time that these opinions lose the ability to adversely affect the lives of those that have absolutely no impact on the ones being offended.

Those against legalization

We all have our personal beliefs, we all have opinions on the actions of others, some approving and some disapproving. We all have the rights to our opinion and in the same way, we must remember that everyone else deserves that right as well, or we could not feel so entitled to our own. Most protesters claim that selling sex is against the teachings of their religion or that it makes our society immoral and I think they should just stay in their homes, where they can focus on matters that actually affect their lives.

Benefits of legalization

The benefits of decriminalizing prostitution are vast. One of the major advantages will be a safer work environment for the participants, where they could sell their services in a safe environment, with enforcement of safe sex laws made possible. With access to sex at a price, the incidence of rape and sexual abuse will go down, Pimps will no longer be able to take advantage of helpless women to their own ends and the government will be able to earn high revenues from taxing these businesses. As it is now, prostitution is a victim less crime, consenting adult women should be allowed to do with their bodies as they see fit and many depend on this employment type for their survival.

In conclusion, society must learn to pass judgment only after understanding the situation and only condemn activities when they directly affect the safety and well being of others. The act of exchanging sex for cash is not directly harmful to anyone, it does not happen in our homes, with proper regulation it can significantly reduce the occurrence of certain crimes in society. It can also provide a unique form of sexual therapy for many single people who do not have access to members of the opposite sex.


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